Are you a Christian who finds yourself holding on to anger, resentment and judgement?

Your Mission...

Should you choose to accept it—is to identify the blocks that are keeping you from forgiving yourself or others, and learn tools to manage your emotions on a daily basis, so you can finally find freedom from the negativity that’s keeping you from living your Christian values of grace and forgiveness.

Do you feel like you're stumbling over yourself in your walk with God?

  • Have you been struggling with hurt and resentment so long that you would do anything to be free from it and have peace?

  • Are you afraid that forgiving someone means that you have to act like nothing ever happened and they did nothing wrong?

  • Are you able to forgive, but would like to do it more quickly and better yet, take no offense in the first place?

  • Do you feel God’s promise of forgiveness is for everyone but you?

  • Do you feel what you have done or failed to do is so grievous that you cannot forgive yourself?

  • Hi, I’m Susan. I used to hold onto unforgiveness and could not let go. But that has changed.

Susan McCracken, OTR

Instructor, Heart of Forgiveness

My career as an Occupational Therapist included work on hospital psychiatric units, teaching patients how to manage their mental and emotional health. I was dedicated to continuing education to be the best therapist I could be in order to help patients make significant changes in their life experience. I applied my knowledge to my own life with good results. But at the same time, I was aware that a puzzle piece was missing. I had less than desirable growth in the most important area of my life -my relationship and experience with God. With my professional experience and skill set, I turned my focus to my spiritual life-looking for answers. The results have been beyond what I ever could have anticipated. I now help people enhance their relationship with God and others- by changing themselves from the inside out.
Susan McCracken, OTR

Let me tell you how the 23rd Psalm Revealed My Crises of Faith

...and was the key to the Freedom of Forgiveness

One day I stood in the kitchen - the Bible open on the counter to Psalm 23;

“The Lord is my shepherd.” I read it again, “The Lord is my shepherd.”  

Satisfied I believed it with my head, I wondered if I believed it deep down in my heart.

With decades of experience as a Psychiatric Occupational Therapist, teaching and working with people to manage and improve their mental and emotional health ... I stood ... looking at the bible in my kitchen.

A thought occurred to me to use my expertise in identifying subconscious emotions -- and apply it to my spiritual life. 

And so, like a hacker with a computer, I proceeded to use a method to hack into my mind and heart with the scapel of Psalm 23.

I was astonished at what I found. 

The results were not what I expected. 

Not only could I tap into and assess what my mind and heart believed, but in this case- my mind and heart disagreed on the important matter of who I belonged to.  

It was a most pivotal moment.

God guided me in how to deal with what I found. 

Together we replaced unbelief with belief. Deception with Truth, Darkness with Light. Fear with Trust. He was beside me, leading and making me whole - all along the way.

With each exchange and each promise believed, I felt a subtle but definite shift.

An unbelieved promise didn’t resonate with me, while a believed promise rang true to my core.

Unforgiveness laid buried deep in my heart.

God taught me that forgiveness is difficult for many of His people and must be dealt with. 

Unforgiveness erodes the temple of God.

Along the way, it became clear how I had let the inside of the temple fall into such a state of disrepair. I began to learn how to manage my inner self in real time to maintain better upkeep as life happened.  Forgiveness could be deployed so as not to take offense in the first place.

As God and I continued working on the inside of His temple, 

I started experiencing a joy that I had never known before.

I called my sister-in-law one day and said “Jan, I’ve started crying with joy. It seems to come from the place in my lungs that grief comes from. Do you ever cry with joy? ’She said, “Why, yes Sue, haven’t you ever cried at weddings?” “No, “ I said, “until recently, I have never cried with joy at anything.”

And then, I started experiencing more peace than before. I was aware of the change that had happened on the inside of me.  But I didn’t think my behavior on the outside was much different.

One day my adult son, raised in our Christian home but no longer a Christian, said to me, 

“You’ve changed Mom, If there is anything that would convince me to become a Christian, it would be the way you have changed. You are a testimony to God.”   

I cried with joy.


  • How to free yourself from inner turmoil and gain peace in 5 easy steps.

  • A step-by-step guide to discern if unforgiveness is hidden deep in your heart.

  • How to forgive in a way that takes steps to a healthier relationship.

  • How to forgive yourself so you can turn and look forward with peace and joy.

  • Easy ways to manage your heart and mind to not take offense to begin with.



Christians can live an entire lifetime harboring resentment, disappointments and betrayal. 

In this module, you’ll learn that when it comes to living your full Christian values, it's important that both your head and your heart are aligned with God’s biblical truths. You may assume you are aligned, but your thoughts, emotions or behavior may be betraying you, resulting in difficulty letting go and moving on.


The degree of awareness of what is in one’s mind and heart varies from person to person. 

In this module, you will learn methods to explore and identify inner doubts or misbeliefs that are incongruent with God’s word regarding forgiveness. You will have support as needed to become competent in these methods. Then you will be positioned for the next module where you will learn how to remove these stumbling blocks so you can move forward in your Christian experience.


Now that you have learned to discern the basis for unforgiveness in your head and/or your heart, you will learn how -- together with God -- to be transformed within so you can fully embrace God’s truths and desires for you, resulting in a heart of forgiveness. 

You will have the ability to align both your head and your heart with your values of forgiveness so you can feel you are not just going to church on Sundays but actually living a full Christian lifestyle.


It is one thing to be able to practice these tools you’ve learned in your home on your own. It is another thing to be able to practice forgiveness and kindness in the moment, as difficult situations are unfolding before you, and as life throws you unexpected challenges and demands while interfacing with people who don’t share your values. 

In this module, you’ll learn additional simple tools to practice in real-time-real-world -- as situations happen -- so you can be gracious and forgiving without taking offense in the first place.

What to Expect from
Heart of Forgiveness

In this five-week course, you will:

  • receive two weekly trainings and one weekly group coaching call to receive support to implement what you have learned.

  • learn how to effectively uncover the blocks within that make forgiveness difficult if not near impossible.

  • gain skills to turn unforgiveness into forgiveness bringing a more natural ease and closeness in relationships with yourself, others and God.

  • learn ways to be forgiving in real time with grace towards yourself and others.
    What to Expect from <br><font color=fba026>Heart of Forgiveness

    In just five weeks, you'll be able to


      Align your heart and mind with God’s forgiveness to move you in the direction that you want to go.


      Live a life of forgiveness and be a powerful witness to others.


      Honor and respect yourself and others by learning when to communicate your struggles with unforgiveness.

    • MOVE ON

      Sincerely and genuinely present forgiveness on the outside that reflects true forgiveness on the inside.


      Learn to forgive and experience lower blood pressure, sounder sleep, brighter mood and better immunity.


    8 Ways Forgiveness
    Improves Your Health


    Don't enroll
    in this course if...

    • you have already attained sainthood.

    • nothing anyone does bothers you.

    • you think hurts and insults are not real.

    • you and God are one.

    What Others Are Saying

    Ventura, California

    Nancy Latthitham

    Ventura, California

    I have been blessed by Susan’s ministry during challenging times in my life. She has taught me how to free myself from the effects of thoughts, memories and experiences that were limiting and preventing me from being the best version of myself. She is able to identify precisely the painful or traumatic memory or experience that a person needs to be free of, and literally give it to God, thank Him for taking it with a heart of appreciation and thanksgiving, and facilitate the process of allowing Him to “Heal the broken in heart and bind up their wounds.”
    Denver, Colorado

    Trent Culver

    Denver, Colorado

    Susan’s method of finding and dealing with inner conflict with God’s promises surprised me. Having been through a very traumatic divorce and corresponding alienation and estrangement with my two beautiful boys, I have been on a journey of grieving and rediscovering myself. With a peaceful spirit and a quiet moment we were led to a specific bible verse. It revealed a lack of faith in my heart. Something I know without a shadow of doubt in my head, but did not truly believe in my heart. A heart plagued by fear, guilt and human insecurity. Identifying and naming this disbelief has helped ease my anxiety, my fear. A heart full of fear struggles to find faith. Thank you Susan. Your gift has been a relevant part of my journey of rediscovery.

    Isaac McCracken

    Mom has always been wonderful, but she has reached a higher level of peace and understanding. The transformation has been clear; she is distinctly more Christ-like than before. As a self-proclaimed skeptic, I would say that she is a testament to the power of methodically seeking God. I have found her techniques helpful, and can only compare the benefits that I have received from working with her to those of a dedicated meditation practice -- except she achieves those results with a Christian theology. I can say that you don’t need to be a devout Christian to benefit. If I feel that I have something holding me back, I'll call her -- and she can guide me through it without me even explaining what it is to her. As a man who doesn't like talking about emotions -- it is very helpful. She makes it seem easy.
    Arizona City, AZ

    Betsy Lagos

    Arizona City, AZ

    I have known Susan for almost 20 years. Her love for God, her family and mankind has always been a good example for me. I was a licensed Wildlife rehabilitator for almost 10 years and had been volunteering for wildlife rescue and doing education programs for over 13 years. In January, 2014 the Arizona Game and Fish Department confiscated all of the birds and animals I had in my rescue, both for rehab and education.I was devastated, as were my volunteers. We had just completed construction of a brand new facility. The purpose I felt for being on this Earth was gone. It was devastating. Because of my love of animals, I felt that I had no reason to live. Later that year I was in Colorado and visited Susan. I told her of my sadness, depression and anger for the circumstances in my life. I think I was very angry at God, even though I knew I could trust His divine plan.Susan taught me a tool to identify the root of the emotions and a process to deal with them in light of God’s truths. That one session helped my depression and helped me see the truth within my heart. The truth is that I am still a valuable human being and I have things to offer the world. Realizing that truth helped me move on and continue to do education with animals. My relationship with God improved and I definitely have become closer to Him. I do a lot more praying and listening. I am able to forgive myself now when I make a mistake.


    Enrollment is now open for the Beta course which will start on March 11th at 6:30pm MST.

    For 5 weeks, we will have live online classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30pm MST and Saturdays for coaching calls at 2pm MST
    • Who is this course for?

      Any follower of Jesus who desires to be more like Him. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of being able to discern your heart and manage your mind, the principles of this course will equip and enable you to find self- defeating inner blocks and manage yourself, with God’s help, to move you forward from where you are toward the person you want to be.

    • Will this course work for me?

      I am committed to providing you the support you need so it does work for you. We will have weekly group calls to help clarify and implement what you learn. This is a Beta Course- purposely kept to a small size. Each person will have ample support from me and the community will be a nice support in itself. 
“Side door coaching” is the term to describe when people benefit from observing another person being coached. If the group needs more support, we will add another coaching call where needed. And if still needed, I will provide a one on one coaching session to help you.

    • What if I don't want to forgive someone?

      God loves your honesty and so do I. Often people don’t want to forgive for understandable reasons. But here’s the thing: Forgiveness always betrays-unforgiveness restores. We will address your and others’ hesitancy to forgive. We will discuss how your forgiveness might look to the person you are forgiving and might result in a relationship you are not comfortable with. You will learn that your honesty is the key to these concerns.

    • What are the details about course delivery?

      We will meet on the group meeting site “Zoom” for 2 live classes/week and 1 live coaching call/week. Replays of all zoom meetings will be available through this site, as well as other resources. We’ll also have a private Facebook group to provide additional support throughout the course.

    • Is there a specific start date or can I enroll at any time?

      Enrollment is now open for the Beta Group Launch which will officially begin on Monday, March 11th, 2019

    Are you ready to say goodbye to frustration
    and disillusionment with yourself,
    and with your spiritual beliefs?

    Make the choice to succeed in the area of life you value the most!

    Consider your options...
    OPTION 1
    OPTION 2
    OPTION 3

    Continue doing what you’re doing -- if it successfully keeps you in true forgiveness. However, if any part of forgiveness causes problems, then to continue struggling alone is like spinning your car wheels on ice. It’s always a welcome relief when people come along to give you the boost needed. Life is richer, easier and much more enjoyable when done in relationship with others.

    You can seek answers and support elsewhere, but other than directly seeking and receiving revelation from the Holy Spirit—there is no other known method that equips believers so well, to do what God tells us to do, which is: manage our hearts and minds so they are aligned with His word and His nature, in order to be an inviting place for Him to dwell.
    Do you tend to meet others needs and minimize your own? Your heart and mind are your first and most important mission field. When both are right before God, then you are positioned to be a natural and effective witness to your family, friends and others. 

    This course is a valuable investment in yourself. It will give you the boost you need so you’ll be well on your way to being the Christian you want to be.